FlexStat BACnet Programmable ThermostatsThe KMC FlexStat BAC-10000 series of flexible, intelligent temperature/humidity/occupancy-sensing, wall-mounted, thermostat/controllers are native BACnet .The set-and-forget FlexStat simplifies networked zone control for common packaged HVAC equipment, such as single- and multi-stage packaged, unitary, and split systems (including high-SEER/EER variable-speed packaged equipment).
These CSC–3000 series reset volume controllers are designed for use on heating or cooling systems with (normally open or normally closed) VAV terminal units and (direct or reverse acting) thermostats.


The CEP–4000 series is a pressure-independent combination controller-actuator designed primarily for use on variable air volume terminal units. Cooling and heating air flow is sensed by a temperature-compensated hot-wire anemometer. Velocity sensing is unaffected by changes in the duct air temperature.


The KMC MCP–1030 and MCP–1130 Series 3" Pneumatic Damper Actuators are designed to position automatic air dampers in pneumatically controlled systems. The units may be used for gradual or two-position applications.


Pneumatically actuated ball valves
Available in two-way and three-way configurations, 1/2 to 3” fpt, from 0.6Cv to 124.0Cv.  An inexpensive alternative to traditional globe valves..



Brass Fittings

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