Designed for use on pressure-independent or pressure-dependent VAV terminal units and other proportional heating and cooling applications 
such as fan coil, baseboard, chilled beam or air handling units

Supply voltage:  24 VAC or 14-35 VDC

Proportional + Integral (PI) control algorithm

Dual 0-12 VDC outputs, configurable to 2-10 VDC, 0-10 VDC
or any span within 0 and 12 VDC

Accepts remote input from temperature sensor or contact closure to
provide changeover, unoccupied/night setback, or warm-up function

Adjustable min/max/aux limits, deadband, proportional band, integral,
temperature offset, setback offset, and changeover

Large multifunction backlit digital display for F or C

Adjustment buttons for setpoint and easy device configuration



CTE-5202 Programmable Thermostats